Client Feedback:

“I am always impressed by your attention to detail and the care you have for your clients. It’s clear that you care about what is best for them, whether or not the deal closes.”

Top Geotechnical Expert in Los Angeles

“As the Dispositions Manager for one of the largest residential REITs in the United States, Colony American Homes, I personally oversee the sale of hundreds of properties across the country every year. I work side-by-side with real estate agents in dozens of key marketplaces nationwide and have had the pleasure of working with Tregg Rustad for the past three years. Tregg has handled a majority of our sales in the Los Angeles area, which includes single family homes as well as multi-family properties. To date, we have closed over 50 sales together, with more closing each month. I can honestly say that Tregg Rustad and his team have set the bar for what we compare other agents too. His attention to detail, and smart, strategic negotiations consistently generate returns well above what we expect and what we see from other agents. He always has our best interests in mind and unlike many other agents, prefers to only represent us, as the seller, so he can advocate only for one side of the transaction. Additionally, many of our listings are complicated, with title issues, tenant issues and needed repairs. Nothing has phased him. He is highly experienced and very skilled in all aspects of real estate. He is someone we will continue to rely on for many years.”

Andrew Mellor, Dispositions Manager, Colony American Homes

“Thank you so much for your tremendous work on the sale of our home last month. I know we’ve told you this, but it bears putting in writing that your excellent advice allowed us to sell quickly and for top dollar. You knew the right price to generate an amazing level of interest, and your sales strategy is incomparable. When we rapidly entered the shocking multiple offer situation, after just days on the market, you deftly managed the eight potential buyers and their agents to get us the best possible deal with not just one but several amazing, solid back-up offers at the same price. We never imagined that we’d end up with $106,000 over the asking price. Never. It’s also worth mentioning that thanks to you; our house never looked better than when it was on the market because of your staging advice. The articles you provided and the beautification/de-cluttering sessions were invaluable. We know that this helped the sales process immeasurably. Finally, your experience, energy and professionalism are truly unmatched. We always felt well-represented, protected, and taken care of during the sales, negotiation, inspection, and escrow process. Furthermore, you always anticipated and solved any potential problems, typically before they actually became problems, removing the stress from what can be a pretty stressful time. There is a reason we came back to you for this transaction after having worked with you before. We knew we’d get excellent advice and service, and we were not disappointed.”

Emily Stevens and Bix Skahill, Owners of Happy Dagger Pictures

“In my experience, there are a lot of stay-at-home moms and dads, or individuals that do real estate as a side job. “How hard can it be to buy or sell a house?” — is the typical refrain. I too am guilty of once using a friend that did real estate on the side. I have bought or sold half a dozen homes, and I have to say I have learned the value of choosing a real estate agent that does this as a career professional. There are so many ways a deal can go sour that you don’t anticipate; such as a bad inspection, zoning issues, permit issues, hazard zone issues — these issues that go way beyond price. Tregg Rustad and his team is the type of professional real estate experts you need. They were able to expertly navigate me through my transaction every step of the way. Tregg knew our area well and was able to give us different pricing scenarios for the sale of our condo. We went to market at the right price. Moreover, his team did a great job of marketing. The photos, staging, and repair recommendations all benefited the sale of the home. We did one open house and attracted 150 people in 3 hours! A Los Angeles Times reporter even stopped by to report on the high volume of potential buyers. In the end, we had multiple offers and sold above asking in 31 days. My wife and I are currently in the market to buy, and when we see open houses of properties languishing on the market, we see the desperation in the eyes of the agents. You can tell right away that those houses were not properly priced or marketed. Don’t settle when picking an agent…pick the best!”

Ronson Chu, VP of Finance at Screen Engine, LLC

“I would like to offer my enthusiastic recommendation of the team of Peter Maurice and Tregg Rustad to everyone looking for real estate representation. As the owner of personal and investment residential real estate, I find these two gentlemen indispensable allies in my transactions, and have yet to find their equal when working with real estate professionals out of state. Peter’s and Tregg’s substantial experiences in the field is reflected in their fluency in real estate procedures, market trends, contract strategies, and the “nuts and bolts” of the deal that always seem so foreign to me. I feel, however, their greatest strength lies in combining that detailed knowledge with an intuitive feel for human behavior and the subtle art of successful negotiation. Simply put, they have the best instincts in town! Over the course of our association, Peter and Tregg have guided me through two very challenging deals where I was on the “wrong” side in terms of power; the first was successfully purchasing a home in a seller’s market where we were one of 14 offers on the house, the second successfully closing the sale of income property in a buyer’s market complicated by the 2008 housing meltdown. In that case, for-sale properties were languishing all over town, but Peter’s and Tregg’s savvy assessment of the situation and smart course of action were responsible for garnering five offers within a week of listing. They studiously advised me throughout a difficult escrow that repeatedly threatened to fall apart, and ultimately achieved a purchase price in line with my initial expectations. I couldn’t have kept that escrow on track without them. I’m looking forward to the next occasion when I can be represented by Peter Maurice and Tregg Rustad, and encourage you to take advantage of this talented team as well.”

Stephanie Avnet Yates, Writer & Editor, Frommers

“I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how pleased we are with the outcome of the sale of our home. As you know, between Louise and I, we have sold more than a few homes over the years and have dealt with many people in real estate… we came back to you for this sale (and our new purchase) as the result of the positive experience we had in our first transaction. I’m very happy to say that you handled the sale with a level of confidence and dexterity that allowed us to yield the transaction and its details to you. When you were able to push the price to a level beyond what we had expected (and well above what we told you that we would accept just days before) we were surprised and delighted. We feel you were really on our side since we know you could have taken the easy route and not fought for such a high sales price. It would seem, Peter, your years of fighting for your clients when you were a lawyer really do pay off! You timed it beautifully and we wanted to say thank you for that. We’ve finished the work on the new house and it is beautiful! You found us a winner and we love the size and privacy. And thanks very much for helping us out with the warranty company on the water heater issue – we do appreciate your continued follow up and involvement.”

Howard G. Phanstiel, Chairman & CEO, PacifiCare

“We were extremely fortunate to have chosen Tregg Rustad as our agent for the sale of our Westwood condominium. His professionalism, dedication, skill, and responsiveness placed him leagues ahead of any other real estate agent we had worked with in the past. When unexpected problems arose, as they often do during a real estate transaction, he remained calm, reassuring, and ready to deal with any challenge. He went above and beyond the call of duty every single time, remarkably so, even during this difficult time of the pandemic. Mostly, though, we would like to stress his impeccable ethics, honesty, and good common sense throughout the negotiations and sale transactions. He ended up representing both us, the sellers, as well as the buyers and, despite our initial worries about such an arrangement, found it to be a great plus in the end. All this by way of saying: don’t hesitate: Tregg Rustad is an experienced, honest, and outstandingly professional agent. Your property will be sold (or purchased) at the right price and quickly!”

Eric D’Hoker, Professor

“It’s rare these days to be able to write a letter of praise rather than of complaint. I’m writing to let you know how impressed we were after working with Tregg Rustad. After we decided to buy a duplex, we felt that Tregg would be the perfect person to have as our agent. We knew he was smart, practical and, very important, unflappable. During the production he was always the one with the coolest head. We felt this quality would be important in our dealings. We were right. Over the years I’ve been involved in several dozen real estate transactions. I have never had an agent who was as responsive, as understanding and as calming as Tregg. I’m convinced that our deal might have gone south with another agent. He held things together and saw us through each and every problem. And now, a month after escrow has closed, he is still helping us clean up some odds and ends. Do what you must to hold onto him. He’s someone people will always come back to for their real estate deals. We will”

Hon. Stephen Lachs, Judge of the Superior Court, Retired

“I needed to sell my condominium. I hired Peter and Tregg to be my agents. That was literally one of the best decisions I ever made. They came highly recommended and I can see why. These guys are the consummate professionals. They made the entire process so easy. They were totally accessible and were there for me every step of the way. They gave me great advice when it came to small things that I could do to make my place look much nicer. Any time I needed to ask them a question, I never had a problem reaching them. Whenever I texted them or e-mailed them, they would respond immediately. I ended up with multiple offers on my condominium and ended up selling it well above the listing price. When it came to knowing how to handle the multiple offers and the negotiations, Tregg and Peter were masterful. When you have multiple offers, it’s hard to know which offer to accept. In a situation like that, it is key to have experienced agents like Tregg and Peter. I had so much confidence in their expertise that I pretty much let them handle the negotiations and let them decide which offer to accept. They made the right call. The offer I accepted was rock solid. Escrow closed without a hitch. Selling a property is usually a very stressful thing. Peter and Tregg took all the stress out of it. When you have guys that smart and with that much experience, you know that you have nothing to worry about. It was great having that kind of peace of mind. I could not recommend them any more highly. Not only will they get you top dollar for your home but they will make the whole process a breeze. It was truly a pleasure working with Peter and Tregg.

Richard Holmes, Entrepreneur

“I cannot think of a better agent and person to have represented us in our transaction than Peter Maurice.  We’ve gone through 3 different sales over the years, I cannot imagine any better advocate than Peter in a transaction.  Peter, you are really a driving force and offer the best strategy in the business.  You really think of everything  –  you are able to digest so much information and then solve the issues.  I trust and appreciate your business judgement implicitly, and thank you for all your help and dedication to us over the years.”

Simon Sutton, President HBO International

“Peter and Tregg were terrific on all fronts in the sale of the 58-year-old home in which my siblings and I grew up, but what most distinguishes them in their field, as far as I’m concerned, is their complete integrity in every aspect of their work – including just as straightforward, uncolored advice before they got us the listing we were after. When I recommended them to family of mine, I felt they were doing me a bigger favor enabling me to introduce my relatives to a trusted resource. (Year first hired: 2010/hired more than once, Top Qualities: Great Results, Experts, High Integrity)”

Thomas Leo, Partner at Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton LLP

“Tregg’s very personable and takes the time to get to know his clients and understand their needs and what they’re looking for. When what we want isn’t realistic, he is diplomatic and kind in getting us to understand why that is, and how we can set more realistic goals. Tregg takes his work seriously, but doesn’t take himself too seriously and has a good sense of humor. He also knows the importance of having a good relationship with your clients. It’s been 3 years since we purchased our home, but Tregg still remembers me and my husband, and always answers my random e-mails about real estate questions promptly. He’s become more than just our agent, but a friend that we trust with important issues.”

Anonymous Reviewer,

“Thank you so much for your wonderful work in both selling our home and helping us with the purchase of our new home. Throughout the entire process of buying and selling these houses, we felt that we were in good hands – that you kept our best interests at heart and provided excellent advice at all stages. There are several aspects of our experience that made us want to write this letter. First of all, when we initially spoke with you, we were looking for another realtor as our current realtor wasn’t providing the level of assistance that we expected and needed. We were frustrated and felt like we might not find a suitable new home once we sold our house, and with a newborn we did not want to be forced to rent. Then we were referred to you by a friend. You eliminated our concerns by finding us a home before selling our first house. When we made a very last minute decision to bid on it, we truly knew you were the ultimate professional as you provided advice and assistance while traveling for a family emergency. Buying before selling did make us nervous, but we felt as comfortable as one can in that situation because we knew that you would sell our house quickly – and you did – in only 3 days! While the escrow process in purchasing our new home was anything but easy, you both helped mediate all difficulties with ease and immediacy. Further, without being asked to do so – you negotiated a partial refund of the escrow fee for us given that there had been so many errors made on the part of the seller’s escrow company. Even after both real estate deals were completed and we had fully moved into our new home, you called to ensure that we were happy and to find out if we needed assistance with anything else. What fabulous service! Without hesitation, we would highly recommend you to our friends and family, and will certainly call on your services when we buy or sell in the future!”

Anne and Alex Caputo-Pearl, Nurse and High School Teacher

“We hired Tregg as our agent to help us find our first home in early 2007. Since I was new to the process, Tregg was extremely helpful and honest with the entire process. Everything worked out perfectly and we could not have been happier with the results. If you are looking for a great agent and someone you can trust, work with Tregg.”

Ryan Neuman, Director of Retail Operations at NBC Universal

“Peter and Tregg are bright, studied, insightful, considerate, thorough, detail-oriented, and an extremely great listeners. They have deep insight into real properties and transactions, as well as a keen appreciation for people and their goals. This team is a cut above their peers.”

Anonymous Reviewer,

“After buying and selling a few properties, I can say without a doubt that Tregg is by far the best realtor I have ever had the pleasure of working alongside. I have been represented by Tregg for both the purchase and sale of my home, and I would recommend him absolutely and without reservation. He is thorough, detailed, knowledgeable, honest, professional, savvy, and very experienced. He has a thorough understanding of the processes of both selling and buying a home, and he personally manages all of the inspections, upgrades, paperwork and escrow details himself. During the recent sale of my house, he worked side-by-side with a stager to help prepare my house for the market. Even though I was living in the property, and I thought it was show ready, they swapped out furniture, redid landscaping, painted rooms, added doors – really a mini flip to position the house the best possible way. The result was amazing. My photos turned out better than expected and during the first two open houses he had over 250 visitors. 250!! Immediately after our first open house we began to receive offers, one of which was beyond what I ever thought I would get for my house. I was ready to accept it. However, Tregg, as a true advocate, suggested we wait. I was shocked. Most agents would have suggested I accept the incredible offer we had. I listened to Tregg and let him do his thing. This resulted in more offers, and a final sales price that was 13% over my list price and $50,000 more than the offer I was ready to accept only a few days before. Yet he wasn’t done. During escrow he managed the process so I never had to worry. He negotiated the buyer’s inspections with skill only a highly experienced agent could do, he continually updated me and always had MY best interest in mind. I’ve worked with a number of real estate agents in many different parts of the country and I can’t say enough about Tregg. He is truly the best I have worked with. I will undoubtedly be using him again when the need arises. The agent you hire can really make a difference. Hire Tregg.”

Eric Wilson, – Creative Artists Agency

“An example of truly remarkable service occurred in one of our LA offices that moved me to write you in the hopes that others may be influenced by one agent’s focus on serving his customer. Our Beverly Hills East office received a $460,000 cashier’s check as a down payment on a $4.6 million foreclosure property with multiple offers. When the agent went to the office the check could not be located. Now we have clients at risk of missing an opportunity to purchase the home of their dreams and we were unable to locate nearly half a million dollars of their funds. Step in Peter Maurice, our associate. Peter acted in his client’s best interest, and went to work solving the problem. With the deadline looming, there was no time to place a stop payment and get a replacement check reissued, in fact the bank’s procedures require a 30 day waiting period before they would reissue a replacement check. To make matters worse, it was the day before the Thanksgiving holiday. Peter cleared his investment account and drew on his home equity line to enable him to deliver the cashier’s check to the bank. He won the bid for his clients and they have now closed on the property. The client’s bank provided a replacement check in Peter’s name and Peter has been made whole, and order has been restored! This brief outline does not do justice to the anxiety caused by this dilemma, nor the calm , cool and Heroic response that Peter showed. Peter’s unflinching focus in providing Truly Remarkable Service makes us all extremely proud, it is an honor to be associated with exceptional agents such as Peter.”

Coldwell  Banker Residential Brokerage Inc. – interoffice memorandum

“Tregg has represented me in several real estate transactions, both as a buyer and seller, as well as a real estate investment project we successfully completed together. I value and trust his knowledge in the field. Tregg’s strong business acumen brings more to a project than a typical agent can offer.”

Bryan O’Patry, Partner & CFO Atlas Digital

“I have been represented by Tregg for both the purchase and sale of my home, and I would recommend him absolutely and without reservation. He is thorough, detailed, knowledgeable, honest, professional, savvy, and reasonable. He has a thorough understanding of the processes of both selling and buying a home, and he personally attends to all of the inspections, upgrades, paperwork, escrow details. He is always available and extremely nice. I can’t say enough about him and again I will undoubtedly be using him again when the need arises.”

Tim and Kavita Lesser, M.D./Urologist and Deputy Attorney General at Department of Justice

“Tregg Rustad is the epitome of a great real estate agent. After working with another agent for one year we looked long and hard for a new agent that was professional, smart, patient, honest, hard working, a good negotiator and most importantly–trustworthy. Tregg came highly recommended from a close friend of ours. After meeting with Tregg for the first time, we knew he was going to be the right agent for us. We were right, after a little over eight months we bought a home.  We are having a housewarming party next week and Tregg was the first person on the guest list. Real estate agents make money if you buy or sell your home. They don’t make money showing you homes, doing research, calling agents, calling mortgage brokers, scheduling inspectors, etc.  Nevertheless, Tregg did all of this and more. He never pressured us to buy.  In fact, it was not rare for Tregg to talk us out of a place, because he just didn’t think it was right for us. We were not easy clients!  There were about six people involved in our decision to buy a home. Tregg spoke to all six people regularly, even when he was on vacation. Moreover, we were not the most decisive clients. We were in escrow on multiple homes which we backed out of before we finally settled on the right home. Once we finally found the right place, thanks to Tregg, our escrow period moved very smoothly. However, in the eleventh hour there was a huge issue (which had nothing to do with Tregg). At this point, Tregg went from great agent to amazing agent.  This “issue” demanded endless phone calls, letters, inspections, meetings, etc. to get the sale of the home to close on time (or at all for that matter). Tregg made the sale happen and he made it happen on time! In looking for homes for just about two years we met a lot of real estate agents. Many of them are totally unprofessional shady characters! Tregg is a breath of fresh air and truly fantastic at his job. And, he CARES about YOU and YOUR INTERESTS!  Oh, by the way, he is a total closet contractor and interior decorator. Thus, if you want ideas about remodeling, furnishing, painting, etc. Tregg is your guy!”

Robyn and Jeremy Coltin, Attorney at Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp and Product Manager at Kubota

“We cannot recommend Tregg Rustad highly enough. He has all the qualities you would look for in a real estate agent. He is intelligent, responsive, patient, calm, knowledgeable, experienced and easy to work with. We initially called Tregg because he was recommended to us by two friends he represented in the purchase of their respective homes. Both friends had nothing but great things to say about him.”

Lisa Mansouri, Attorney

“Simply put: Tregg is excellent. He was able to secure us a place when our bid was up against several all-cash offers, and his recommendations and support after the sale continue to make us feel comfortable and secure. As first time homebuyers, my husband and I not only felt comfortable in the process from start to finish, but we enjoyed ourselves. Tregg is personable, detail-oriented, and an expert with impeccable integrity. Not only is Tregg exceptional, but his entire team, from inspectors to financing, is top notch. We continue to feel more excited by our condo and its features the more we live in it, and we have Tregg and his knowledge of the field to thank for securing it for us. We’re tempted to become house flippers just to work with Tregg again.”

Malia McClurg, High School Teacher

“Peter, Tregg & David absorbed all of the potential for stress and left us feeling completely supported, well-informed and very happy with the whole process and outcome of the sale of our house. Not only did they provide expert direction, but they made us feel (during a pandemic, with small children and pets) that we could relax because they really did have it all under control. The sale was seamless and simply put, they are the BEST. Thank you, Peter, Tregg & David, we highly recommend your team to everyone who is looking for the highest level of professionalism and expertise! We are so grateful for your help.”

Chloe Beckerman, Textile Designer

“Peter, David, and the rest of their team are truly the best of the best. As first time home buyers, Peter made us feel completely at ease, taking the time to walk us through the entire process so we felt well informed and confident. His impeccable instincts and negotiation skills absolutely nailed it for us, winning us the first house we offered on. He had our backs at every turn, and continues to be there for us anytime we have questions or are in need of resources or recommendations. Plus, I can’t imagine a more honest, thoughtful, and lovely person to go through this process with. We could not have taken this huge step in our lives without Peter’s help, and feel so incredibly lucky to have had him on our team.”

Tess Lecklitner, Jewelry Maker

“I’m not sure words will suffice to share what a fabulous experience we had with Tregg Rustad. He went above and beyond the call of duty every single time: especially during the pandemic. In fact, I doubt that we would have been able to survive the various hurdles without him (things like mold remediation: which he organized and occasionally oversaw). Mostly, though, I would stress his impeccable ethics. Honestly, we’d never been in a real estate transaction where the agent represented buyer and seller alike. We were at first skeptical, come to find that the entire experience was, if possible, even *more* above board and free of the usual puffery. We can’t say enough good things about him and are sorry only that we have no more real estate to sell in the LA area, so we can’t use him again. All this by way of saying: don’t hesitate. We were weighing three different realtors and will be eternally grateful that we chose Tregg Rustad.”

Jody, Professor

“Whatever the most stars are triple them and then multiply it times infinity and that will give you a sense of the awesomeness that is Tregg and the Rodeo Drive Realty team. We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to buy our first home with Tregg and sell our first home with Tregg. He not only helped us negotiate a good deal, but he recommended a wonderful contractor to help us completely remodel our home. He has an infinite amount of patience and never makes you feel silly for asking outlandish questions. Before we even thought about selling our house, Tregg was there to take us through every scenario and opportunity. These are big life decisions and we are so grateful that Tregg and the Rodeo Realty team were there with us on our side the whole way. THANK YOU!”

Jason and Shannon Gaboriau, Chief Creative Officer at Doner LA and Creative Director at Deutsch

“Dream Team! Purchasing a home can be stressful. Peter and the team at Maurice & Rustad were a dream team. From the moment we had our first conversation with Peter, he and his team utilized their extensive knowledge of the market to help us narrow options. Their sense of urgency enabled us to identify the ideal property and Peter’s expertise in the market helped us negotiate a fair price in spite of daunting seller challenges. Peter was data based, principled, knowledgeable and solution oriented while always ensuring we were on the same page. The professionalism didn’t stop once the deal was done. His A-Team ensured we were supported after the sale. We’ve bought a number of properties over the last 20 years but Peter and the team at Maurice & Rustad have been the best! Highly recommended.”

J. Hoffman/R. Carranza

Tregg was everything one might hope for in a partner through the sale of my previous home and the purchase of a new home as I downsized this year. His guidance to get my previous house ready for listing was spot on, and the vendors he helped bring in were all at the top of their game while still being reasonably priced. After making his recommended upgrades, we listed for $200k more than I had expected, and the final sales price was 6% over list. As I scoured a very wide area of Los Angeles looking for my new home, Tregg was there at every turn, providing extensive neighborhood expertise no matter where I looked. He provided extremely helpful guidance as I got ready to make an offer on the home that I really wanted – resulting in the acceptance of my offer in a multiple offer situation – and continued to help me negotiate through an escrow period that involved several rounds of seller repairs and credits. Tregg is patient, kind, steadfast and incredibly diligent, all while being tough as nails on your behalf when he needs to be. I can’t recommend Tregg or his team more highly!

Jennifer Raymond, Patient Lead, DMD Gene Therapy, Rare Disease Global at Pfizer

Peter Maurice helped us sell our house. We couldn’t have been happier. He did a great job of marketing the house, kept the escrow process moving, communicated effectively and got us exactly the type of return we were hoping for. As a former lawyer, Peter is a strong negotiator. He also understands the market. My wife and I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Alan Citron, Entertainment Industry Executive & Journalist

I found Tregg Rustad online and after reading his many positive reviews and seeing that he recently sold similar properties in Westwood, I knew that he would be the right agent to use. Tregg is an excellent selling agent. He is responsive and very knowledgeable about the westside and the current market conditions. Everything went smoothly and we closed on time and also sold for over the listing price. I highly recommend Tregg Rustad to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy agent to sell their home.

Christopher Szeto, Senior Financial Analyst

We have bought one home and sold two homes with Peter and Tregg, and all three experiences have been outstanding. They make a great team, and bring extensive knowledge and strategic expertise. On top of that, they are extremely responsive, impeccably diligent and they work with an amazing team who can turn around a property from unfurnished to beautifully staged and ready to sell in no time. I definitely recommend working with them!

Andrea Müschenborn & Dr. Zachary Dodd, Regulatory Affairs Consultant & Neurological Surgeon